Nueva version de este programa qeu nos permite modificar los bios de nuestras Atis

Revision History

* * * Fixed bug causing an error message on loading several BIOSes (small ones like several 3870 X2 BIOSes).
* * * Added remote control feature for WinFlash to acquire and flash BIOSes from within RBE. Will be included in the tutorial soon.
* * * Superior PowerPlay should be available for more 4870 BIOSes now.
* * * Added link to the tutorial in the menu bar. (Info... Tutorial on how to use RBE (websource)...)
* * * Added display for the card's internal voltage table (it's in the clock settings tab).
* * * Fixed a bug causing the device ID being written incorrectly if it's changed in rare cases. Coded this very drunk, there might be bugs... :-/
* * * Added some nice method one hack signatures (4850, 4870 X2).
* * * Added a feature for method one overdrive hack signature saving and loading.