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13/11/2008, 12:04
[F] Fixed localization bugs for CrossFire dialog window
Updated ini files handling procedures to be more compatible with Windows Vista
Improved compatiblity with IE7 under Vista with UAC enabled.
[+] Added new localizations
[+] Added option to change "Black and White level"
[F] Fixed OSD rendering problem with Overlord game. (Thanks to Unwinder)
[+] Updated Overlay color handling procedure to support new ATI Overlay color modes
[+] Implemented Save/Restore icon positions under WinXP 64 and Vista 64.
[+] Updated suppot for Adaptive AntiAliasing. Added support Multi-Samplinmg and Super-Sampling modes
[+] Monitoring Graphs window now can be sent to system tray.
[+] Added option to auto load Monitoring Graphs window at start up
[+] Added option to hide tray icon on load. You can restore icon to access settings by
starting ATT again. This will not load second copy of ATT in memory, but will send command to show tray icon. Also
added new hotkey to hide and show tray icon.
[+] Added configuration option hide_display to hide Displays menu.
[F] Fixed bug when settings for Crossfire can not be applied
[+] Implemented support for HD 2xxx/3xxx video boards. Overclocking, Monitoring, fan control.
Big thanks to Unwinder for help!
[+] Implemented support for new AntiAliasing filter modes for HD 2xxx/3xxx video boards
[+] Added workaround to fix resume from suspend mode bug. You can force ATT to be unloaded from memory before
entering into sleep mode by settings opt_force_unload_att to 1 in attray.ini. ATT will be started automatically after
resume from sleep mode.
[+] Now ATT can restore last used 3D profile after restart. You can enable this behavior in General Options
[+] New Monitoring Graphs and OSD plugins. "AMD Cpu CoreTemp" and "Intel CoreTemp" This plugin allows to read
Core temperatures on AMD 64 CPU's including Dual Core versions and on Intel Core2 (Duo/Quad)
[+] New OSD plugin. CPU Load%. Can show cpu load percentage for all available cores or cpu's
[+] Implemented 3D detection for DirectX10 applications
[+] Added new option in Auto overclocking window : "Apply to all game profiles". Enabling this option tells ATT to
Apply 2d/3d profiles to all game profiles regardless to the game profile settings.
Improved ScreenShot routine for DirectX9 games and applications
[+] Added ScreenShots capture ability for DX10 games and applications
VPU Recover option now disabled under Windows Vista
[+] Now ATT will forse GI to ON if CCC is not installed
Improved Display Rotation procedure under Windows Vista 32/64
[+] For HD 2xxx/3xxx video boards now you can select "Set Default Clocks" option in game profiles. This option
will restore PowerPlay functionality after using overclocking profile.
Now ticking "Show as DRR" option will not affect Apply button in Overclocking window.
Now ATT will forse Geometry Instancing ON at start up
[F] Fixed bug when ATT shows wrong FlipQueueSize and CatalystAI values
[F] Fixed bug with ATT Shell Extention under Windows Vista
[+] Added support for HD 4xxx video boards
[+] New monitoring VDDC by driver. This is not real hardware GPU voltage. This value reported by driver itself.
[-] Now monitoring of free video memory is disabled under Windows Vista because of changes in Vista DirectX videmo memory
[+] Added support for tripple buffer and VSync forcing options for Direct3D10 games and applications
Changed behavior of Force VSync option. Now you can set it to ON/OFF or Ignore state.
[+] Added Overdrive and Overclocking support for two boards in CrossFire. Supported only HD 3xx/4xxx identical boards and
only under Windows Vista. No XP support yet.
Updated Monitoring Graphs module to support additional internal sources (like second board in CrossFire)
[-] Completelly removed TV Out/Display module. It will not be supported anymore.
[+] Applying FAN control now will apply same settings for second board in CrossFire. (If "Apply to both cores/adapters" checked)
Recreated FlashOSD engine to support new additional sources. Now FlashOSD can show only same values as shown in
Monitoring Graphs plus additional OSD plusings. FlashOSD will automatically wrap first line after displaying 9 values
Now ATI Tray Tools is fully UNICODE aware.
[+] Added .ini file option opt_force_ddr5. Set it to 1 to force detect memory as GDDR5. For 4870 with non-standard BIOS only

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